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  • Multipurpose indoor sports flooring: total thickness 6.2 mm.
  • Very good decision for multipurpose sports halls, entertainment premises and fitness.
  • Additional sports benefits such as comfort, safety and excellent playability.
  • P1 category: 25 to 35% shock absorption.
  • Noise reduction up to 18 dB.
  • Triple-Action Protecsol® for ease of maintenance, protection from friction burns and superior playability because of its "intelligent" sliding coefficient.
  • Sanosol® treatment - provides lasting protection for the material against bacteria and mould.
  • D-Max™ multi-layer surface for long term resilience and indentation resistance.
  • CXP™HD foam, ensures a more comfortable landing after jumping.
  • Easy cleaning.

Download technical datasheet TARAFLEX™ MULTI-USE 6.2

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3708 Wood Grey
4331 Wood Natural
4453 Wood Blue
4506 Wood Green
8840 Wood Black